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NEPTUNE was founded in 1963 and has been a pioneer and leader in the water purification field for over 47 years.  Neptune was established with no more than a vision, an absolute belief that water was a growing crisis and that soon the general public would become aware of it.  When that time came, the Neptune Company would be ready with water treatment systems designed to handle that crises.   It is a fact that the concern for the quality of our nation’s drinking water is growing, and with it, the sale of NEPTUNE Water Purification Systems.  Our complete product line meets the needs of individual homeowners.  Because water is our only business, only the most durable and expensive materials go into the design of the Neptune.  When a better raw material or process is discovered, we find it and use it.  We accept only the best. Our corporate mission is to obtain a sample of water and apply the best available technology to that sample to create a level of purity as close to perfection as man is capable of accomplishing.  We are highly respected members of the Water Quality Association.  The Neptune Company is a privately held, internally financed corporation that has been built entirely by its own capital from its inception.  Long ago the founder of Neptune came to the realization that to become successful, you must first help others become successful, so Neptune was built by people who wanted to move up the ladder of success and who were willing to help others in the process.

Member of Water Quality Association

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